In Game Call, one moves deeper into a series of unsettling realities embedded in the everyday. I employ the concept of a hunter’s game call, typically used while hunting to mimic animal noises in order to drive them closer to danger. The video pulls us in by gradually intensifying the sequence of audio and visual stimuli and as intimate moments are revealed, I ask the viewer to consider their own dual roles as intruder and voyeur. 

Movement and time. Keeping things whole. 

This is an investigation of the self. Accompanied by 5 photos, these moving and still images portray the representation of my presence through parts of me as well as my absence. 
The project is a process of looking closely at myself, trying to translate what I see and feel, suggestions of what is not there rather than what is.

music by Nicole Hale

This video investigates the feelings and anxieties associated with a traumatic neck injury. The separation between the body and mind and the different ways in which they cope with the trauma.

Time is continuously moving and in this video it alternates between the past and present, merging the two. 

music by Nicole Hale

There are parts of myself that I do not want to erase and there are events I would never want to reverse. I was adopted from China but raised in New York City; I often feel that I am walking in between. I am from both. This piece addresses the questions and feelings I have about myself.

music by Nicole Hale

Throughout my life I have been asked these questions over and over. These are real conversations I have recreated to show my numerous encounters with strangers and the perceptions they have of me. 

Ambiguity, movement, and change.